Makani Dubai – Dubai Municipality’s new navigation app

It is very problematic finding a specific address in Dubai as Dubai does not have a traditional addressing system. In an effort to improve the navigation through the residential areas, Dubai Municipality has launched a new navigation app: Makani Dubai. Every residents of Dubai have been handed out their “Makani number” in the last couple of weeks.

What is Makani?

Makani means “my location” in Arabic. Under the Makani system, every building, house and public place in Dubai will have a unique number to help people identify their location and share it. The application is different from Google Maps as it uses the UAE National Grid for a more accurate navigation system around the city.

How does it work?

Makani has a smartphone application available for iOS and Android devices.. It can also be used on tablets, desktops and laptops, as well as on GPS devices due to an auto-conversion feature.

The Makani number can be obtained through the application. All you need to do is to download the app or go to, insert your address in its traditional format, using area name, street number and villa or building number – it will then provide the ten digit number that can be used to search for specific directions.

Important Benefits of the Makani Application

  • Directions of area for all the main building doors in Dubai, Hatta and Free Zones have been acquired utilizing the most recent technologies.
  • Structures with more than one main entrance will have a unique Makani number for every entrance. For instance, Dubai Mall has 11 addresses, Safa Park has 4 and emergency entrances in hospitals will have an alternate location from the primary entrance.
  • The 10-digit plates of Makani will be installed in all buildings in Dubai.
  • Emergency services can be utilized more efficiently by reaching on time to the right location using Makani numbers.
  • It would be easier for delivery services to locate recipient addresses.
  • Users will be able to quickly locate important places like hospitals, schools and other major landmarks near them.
  • Makani is simple and consists of 10 digits only. Just remember the first 5 numbers and the last one.
  • The app will be available for use on various devices & platforms like phones, PCs, tablets and car navigation systems.
  • It will be helpful for tourists and new residents to move around Dubai without getting lost.
  • The app will let you save contact numbers with Makani numbers to their residence or workplace.
  • It will let users save and share locations and routes.
  • It will become easier to find directions to standalone buildings even with no significant landmarks around them.