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Use the property calculator by filling the required fields to know the worth of your property. It is an advanced property evaluation tool that relies upon data from Royal Home Property data compared with Dubai Land Department data publicized. It also takes into account other comparable local properties available for sale or recently sold in the market.

Simply enter your property details and we will provide you similar property to help you compare prices

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We have earmarked prime areas to ensure that we present you with the properties that exceed your expectations. Similarly the extensive guideline developed for the customers will offer a lending hand in locating the ideal property within UAE.

Lastly, our interactive map gives you the details you need to make all property related decisions.

Dailyproperty news

  • UAE construction firm refuses to comment on newspaper report that it will build just 100,000 homes from the originally agreed one million
  • Prices around Dubai forecast to further drop by 10 per cent with major decrease seen in villa and luxury houses due to increased supply from new projects
  • Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala) on Thursday reported Dh625.5 million in net profits in the first half of 2015, marking a 53.4 per cent drop from the Dh1.3 billion reported in the same period in 2014 as increased income from investments was offset by higher costs.
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